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Becoming vegan has become a popular lifestyle trend. People choose it to stay healthy, protect animal rights, and minimize environmental damage. However, many people are still confused as to what veganism entails and some hold pre-conceived notions as to what vegans do. READ MORE


Lose Weight on a Raw Vegan Diet and Start Living Again!

By Loren R Antonios

Do you have excess weight to lose? Have you tried every diet out there, only to give up and feel depressed and agitated? You really should consider adopting a better diet than the ones that you have previously tried. Why? Because clearly they do not leave you feeling good about yourself or your body. Have you ever considered adopting the raw food vegan lifestyle? The health benefits that come from this diet are endless, and weight comes off easily. This is what I call the Mother of all Diets. Here's why.

The calories are Low

When you start eating most of your calories in fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts, juices and nuts, you will see an obvious loss in your body weight, and this just keeps falling off if you stay on the raw food diet. What will give your weight loss an even bigger boost is if you eat fruits or fresh fruit juices only in the mornings. The reason is because fruits are low in fat and perfect for de-toxing, so weight will start to fall off rather quickly. Make sure you eat a variety of fresh fruits to keep your diet interesting - this will help you to stay on the raw food diet and help prevent cravings for bad foods. Why not try making for your breakfast a berry-banana smoothie? All you need is some fresh raw almond milk, some in-season berries (frozen is fine), one or two ripe bananas, and some vanilla extract or agave nectar to taste. You can even put a little pinch of sea salt in it to bring out the flavours.

It gives you abundant Energy

For lunch you should make for yourself a really big raw salad and also have a large glass of freshly made vegetable juice (made that morning, or the night before). This will skyrocket your energy to a whole new level, and you will find yourself feeling absolutely great all afternoon! People will also start commenting on your happy demeanour and sudden zest for life! It always happens!



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